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Cargraphics Gmbh, Cayanne Diesel

Diesel Power with Turbo Look
The Cargraphic upgrade kit for the Porsche Cayenne 3 litre Diesel

The Cayenne Diesel is a real alternative to the petrol-driven models, especially for long-distance motoring. Diesel drivers can really get their money's worth, not just in economic terms, and this is down to the V6 unit's high torque of 550 Nm at 176 kW / 240 PS. The only issue is the look, which does come across as somewhat tame, compared with the top Cayenne models. Yet even this is now no longer a major shortcoming, as Cargraphic, the traditional customizing company from Germany, has now included in its range a conversion kit for Cayenne Turbo look.

What the vehicle enhancement specialists, with their reputation for attention to detail, can offer the customer is a matching rear valence along with sports exhaust, heat shield and end pipes, all for 2,495 euros (plus VAT). The exhaust systems are produced in England by Cargraphic's own manufacturers, working to the highest standards of craftmanship. Only high-grade stainless steel is used, good enough to satisfy even the quality standards demanded in the aviation industry.

All that remains, then, is the "moral" issue of whether a diesel model should actually even be allowed to bear the Turbo insignia. Michael Schnarr, who heads the company along with his brother Thomas, has got the answer: "Technically, the diesel engine used in the Cayenne is actually a turbo engine." And on the subject of performance, he points to another of the company's products. Thanks to an upgrade via software, the engine power soars to 290 PS (213 kW) and the top speed rises to 133 mph (221 km/h). In terms of torque - now up to 630 Nm - the diesel model is now getting dangerously close to the "real" Turbo Cayenne, with its 700 Nm. The price of the software performance upgrade runs to 995 euros (plus VAT).

Cargraphics Gmbh
Wieslauterstrasse 20 D-76829 Landau / Pfalz
Tel. / Phone: +49 6341 88088
Fax: +49 6341 88200
Website: www.cargraphic.de/index.php
E-mail: info@cargraphic.de
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Cargraphics Gmbh-Cayanne Diesel-cargraphic-cayenne diesel-p4.jpg
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