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Cargraphics Gmbh, bmw-m3

The Absolute Works
The sporting Cargraphic Racing Wheel for the BMW M3 Cabrio E92

1985 was a big year for car enthusiasts, it marked the birth of tuning firm Cargraphic and the first BMW 3 Series convertible was released. Only a few months later the iconic M3 was unleashed on the world. This is reason enough for Cargraphic to dedicate a racy three-piece wheel set for the 3 Series that bridges the gap between past and present.

The 20" light Racing wheel is two inches bigger than the standard M3 and provides an impressive presence. The spoke geometry in classic U- and Y-shapes create a modern look with an outer rim of polished high quality steel and near limitless colour options. The BMW M3 goes beyond a sporting every day car, it speaks to the customer who wants the ultimate in on-track performance. Cargraphic offers further optimisation on request, which targets the lowest possible unsprung mass. So instead of the heat-treated, cast star, the customer can specify a weight optimised forged star that takes more than 90 minutes on a special machine to create it from a blank. The lightweight version saves 1.5kg per wheel, which makes its lack of presence felt on the road. And while the Racing Wheel was designed with the cabriolet in mind, it fits the M3 limousine and coupe to a tee as well.

Cargraphics Gmbh
Wieslauterstrasse 20 D-76829 Landau / Pfalz
Tel. / Phone: +49 6341 88088
Fax: +49 6341 88200
Website: www.cargraphic.de/index.php
E-mail: info@cargraphic.de
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Cargraphics Gmbh-bmw-m3-cargraphic-m3-p1.jpgCargraphics Gmbh-bmw-m3-cargraphic-m3-p2.jpgCargraphics Gmbh-bmw-m3-cargraphic-m3-p3.jpg
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