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Cargraphics Gmbh, Aston Martin V8 420

The Cargraphic Aston Martin V8 420

The name Landau to most people is associated with the English Gentleman's luxury horse drawn carriage which were manufactured originally in the 1700's in the Rheinland-Pfalz town of Landau. Today the Landau based company Cargraphic GmbH is still involved with luxury carriages, but carriages of a slightly different nature and with considerably more horse power.

Thomas & Michael Schnarr the Directors and founders of Cargraphic are internationally known for their involvement with Race and Performance Porsches have now included Aston Martin in their pedigree stable.

They have very subtly enhanced the performance and appearance of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage 420 without making it look pretentious. The power has been increased from 313KW/426PS to 342KW/466PS + 32 Nm more torque. This is achieved by fitting a Cargraphic 200 cells sports catalytic kit and a Cargraphic stainless steel Sports rear silencer and laser cut heat shield. The exhaust note is also transformed to give a spine chilling note as if played on a finely tuned instrument. These systems are manufactured in Cargraphic's own exhaust factory in England.

Cargraphic have tailor made a very stylish yet effective Carbon body kit consisting of a front spoiler lip, rear spoiler and diffuser, side skirts and a mirror housing set which all fit as if made by a London Gentleman's Saville Row tailor. The Aston's suspension has been set up and lowered by 20mm and was developed with the help of computer simulation and the legendary Hockenheimring.

The final touch comes by the choice of wheels, from the light weight Cargraphic 3 piece " I-10" wheels available in 19",20" or 21" to the Cargraphic GTR wheel or the Cargraphic Sport classic design. There is also a nearly unlimited choice of colours, ranging from the Grey tone "Casino Royale" which is in great demand at present to the bright red of a London Route Master Bus, the choice is unlimited.

As the original "Landauer" horse carriage is a convertible, all these refinements are also available for the Aston Martin V8 Cabriolet.

Cargraphics Gmbh
Wieslauterstrasse 20 D-76829 Landau / Pfalz
Tel. / Phone: +49 6341 88088
Fax: +49 6341 88200
Website: www.cargraphic.de/index.php
E-mail: info@cargraphic.de
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Cargraphics Gmbh-Aston Martin V8 420-amv-aston martin v8-p4.jpg
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