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Lumma Tuning, Ford Fiesta

For since 2002 again presented Ford Fiesta's, has the company Lumma Tuning now a styling kit with the designation LRX in the program.

The complete Karosserikit naturally also in all individual components is usable, consists of the following parts:
A powerful front spoiler bumper with enormous air intakes with aluminum lattice is the main part of the Lumma own Stylingkit's LRX. The front is made of high-quality handlaminated GFK and can be exchanged very simply for the series front bumper also by a layman. All fastening spots correspond the original frontbumper. A special TUEV certivicate appraisal that are provided facilitate each TUEV entry.
The Siteskirts has provided brake cooling openings those within the rear range with aluminum running lattice the wind purposefully to the brakes to lead. The assembly of the Siteskirts likewise made of GFK takes place via a special sticking screwing technology also for laymen.
The roof wing out-rising up far within the tail range on the rear flap is installed is a little of "Rallylook" to remind. The attachment of this three-part manufactured roof wing takes place via a special adhesive, thus is void again and again to the problem a becoming bore with following rust infestation.
An absolute "Topnnews" represents the LRX tail. The rear apron adon glues on only the standard tail apron and optically with the centrically attached backup lights like an exhaust system works. Now can be done without an expensive sport exhaust system, because this optics now by the two centrically attached auxiliary backup lights reaches are besides more favorable and the in any case view to strengthen to the rear
again. When desired tuner Lumma supplies the backup lights also with a shining ring is
equipped with LED's and as auxiliary brake light functions.
In order to manufacture also the appropriate soil contact, Lumma of exclusive wheels of
the quantity 7,5x17 with tyre Yokohama 205/40 17 were mounted. A large advantage of these wheels is that these can be installed without any body work onto each series Fiesta!

Weinstetter Strabe 5 D-72474 Winterlingen
Tel. / Phone: +49(0)7577/933729-0
Fax: +49(0)7577/933729-16
Website: www.lumma-design.com
E-mail: info@lumma-design.com
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Lumma Tuning-Ford Fiesta-lumma_fiesta_04_0.jpgLumma Tuning-Ford Fiesta-lumma_fiesta_05_0.jpgLumma Tuning-Ford Fiesta-lumma_fiesta_06_0.jpg
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