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Lumma-Design, Lumma - BMW X5

Wider and faster:
Lumma Design CLR of x530 on the new BMW X5

- Bodykit CLR x530 elements for spreading the X5; bonnet ultralight
- Strengthening for the model 28 hp X5 4.8i; Anticipating: compressor model with 530 hp
- Kit for the optical engine - carbon parts and components in red
- Wheels Lumma "1 Racing, Racing 2" and "Racing 3" in 22 inches
- Lowered suspension 40 mm; exhaust gases Sports
- Many accessories for the interior

On this occasion, Lumma Design has a real challenge ahead. It has chosen one of the most successful SUV in recent years: the BMW X5.
Both internally and externally Lumma enhances the look of the X5, adding more power under the hood to 4.8 liters of V8. Voilí : the CLR x530 is born!

Bodykit CLR spreading x530

Most of the new, individualized appearance of the new X5 employs Bodykit Lumma CLR x530. Includes a skirt with front fog lamps and a generous opening for air intake, a rear skirt with diffuser, flippers muscular front and rear, and finally, new side skirts with the logo "CLR x530.
The Bodykit can be augmented with additional parts. For example, Lumma offers a roof spoiler extended easily to stick on the top edge of the rear spoiler.
Especially the new bonnet ultralight (10.5 kg), hand-made from a composite Karbon - Lumma of Kevlar, and its characteristic opening for warm air outlet of the engine, attracting all eyes of the fans of SUVs . The same material are the hoods of a mirror. Some flanges for the headlights and taillights give the x530 a "serious".
For vehicles painted in dark tones (very fashionable lately) offers optical Lumma rear tinted dark. With the exterior kit "Titan matt", Lumma puts the icing on the end: both the panels of the doors as the windows are rolled into one matte titanium color, as well as BMW riñoneras and roof spoiler.
Lumma a great idea for dark parking lots or other poorly lit areas is the birth of the ports of entry: 5 LEDS on each side of the tail light when the doors are opened or when you connect the remote opener, heading this way users to your car.

Empowerment plus optical engine kit

The V8 engine of 4.8 liters of BMW is not belonging to the category of the weakest. But, you know, one can not stay like that without asking for more power. So Lumma is responsible for adding these horses more than a "need." The increased power of 28 CV Lumma get it reprogrammed with a new engine electronics including a sophisticated "tuning." With these changes results in significant increase in speed from 10 to 15 km / h and an increase in the maximum torque of 35 Nm.
With the optical engine kit, Lumma takes shine under the hood. A lid covers the engine and Karbon, by contrast, the collector and the air intakes are hot rolled.
Another plus Lumma provides the highest performance with the sports exhaust in stainless steel. The extra performance is achieved is about 10 hp.
And to enhance the rear of the X5 are mounted about 4 tails exhaust Lumma offers for the car for the series as Bodykit. The material is most appealing in black or silver anodised and with measures 125x95 mm

22 wheels and lowered suspension

For the game of sport wheels, Lumma offers its customers the choice of three options for tires 22'' inches each. The first option is the "Racing 1" in multi-design, silver crown or matte black, polished steel outer ring inxidable a black stainless steel and in black caps with the logo "Lumma Racing. This tire will soon be available to all current SUVs such as the VW Touareg, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne or the Mercedes ML. The second alternative is the rim "Racing 2" from a single piece in a "Y" and finished in a matt titanium. The third option Lumma, the "Racing 3" is a multi-piece with the look and with a stainless steel outer ring.

A suspension system of Lumma reduced up to 40 mm for vehicles with pneumatic cushioning makes the wheels appear larger than they are. Insurance side effect is achieved: reduction of the center of gravity, improved handling and vehicle stability.

Value added in the interior

For the interior of the x530 CLR, Lumma offers a number of additional accessories. We have the steering wheel and ergonomically molded wood / leather, new instrumentation in the color desired by the customer, increased to a speedometer 300 km / h in line with the performance of the car, and supports the foot pedals in aluminum doormats of velor edged, etc. .

Additional information for the preparation can be found at Lumma www.Lumma-Design.com
or in Spanish national telephone 902400071.

Weinstetter Strabe 5 D-72474 Winterlingen
Tel. / Phone: +49(0)7577/933729-0
Fax: +49(0)7577/933729-16
Website: www.lumma-design.com
E-mail: info@lumma-design.com
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