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Lumma-Design, bmw - m6

Lumma CLR 600 - Design and technical perfection

The Bodykit CLR 600 is characterized by a perfect and excellent optical quality "made in Germany." All parts have been manufactured in a production process is extremely expensive and thoroughly tested.

The Full Bodykit comes with wheels to choose between measures 9.5 "x20" to 11.5 "x20" or 10 "x21" to 12 "x21" and covered up with a wide 305/25-20.

As an option you can choose an application to the rear window or a rear wing, both made of carbon fiber. Also made of this material is lightweight and resistant diffuser, which is integrated into the rear skirt as well as covers of mirrors and door handles.
Cerquillos the front of the kidneys and the window frames are antrazita-carbon, carbon-silver or carbon in the form of individual colors.

In the interior are wood, leather, Alcantara or carbon. Also available is a sport with a seat in carbon Baquet, a 7th monitor integrated into the seat back and a unique sports steering wheel Lumma.

Regarding the technical side stand the increase in speed to 300 km / h, and the brake system Lumma Racing / Brembo steel pipes and flexible.

And finally to finish off the aesthetics, is an "optical engine" in the intake manifolds and air filters charcoal color and the cubreculatas in a striking red.

Weinstetter Strabe 5 D-72474 Winterlingen
Tel. / Phone: +49(0)7577/933729-0
Fax: +49(0)7577/933729-16
Website: www.lumma-design.com
E-mail: info@lumma-design.com
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Lumma-Design-bmw - m6-lumma-m6-p1.jpgLumma-Design-bmw - m6-lumma-m6-p2.jpgLumma-Design-bmw - m6-lumma-m6-p3.jpg
Lumma-Design-bmw - m6-lumma-m6-p4.jpg
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