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Lorinser, Mercedes clase M

New widening bodykit for the M-Class
Lorinser is bringing in broadly built designs for the refreshed Mercedes SUV

Sportservice Lorinser has only just taken on the model improved M-Class, and yet the vehicle tuner from Winnenden is already providing a follow-up in the form of a widening bodykit of the Mercedes SUV.

With the tailor-made bodykit, Lorinser has given the refreshed 4-wheeler extra muscle mass – above all on the sides. The massive, extraordinarily curved wings catch the eye straight away, and give the elegant shape of the M-Class a young, self-confident tone. The side sills and front spoiler are designed to be just as eye-catching. Due to the components being moved much lower and thoroughly varnished, the four-wheeler is brought much closer to the road. The strongly contoured spoiler with the sports grill insert just above the underride protection further underlines the sporty character. A distinctive eye-catcher is also provided by the new Lorinser four-fin grill, which only ends on the lower edge of the fog lights.

According to the customer's wish, diverse Lorinser light-alloy wheels are also available for the broadly built SUV which give the robust vehicle a completely individual look. Many designs are available in both a black or silver coating. And finally, four massive Lorinser exhaust tailpipes give the strong petrol and diesel engines of the M-Class an adequate sound.


Linsenhalde 5 71364 Winnenden
Tel. / Phone: +49 (0)7195.181-4
Fax: +49 (0)7195.181-200
Website: www.lorinser.com
E-mail: info@lorinser.com
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