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Lorinser, Lorinser-LV8

The Lorinser LV8 for the Tuner Grand Prix
100% ready for the Hockenheimring - 100% licensed for the road

When the Tuner Grand Prix changes the Hockenheimring into a cauldron of smoking tyres on the 26th and 27th June, the premium tuners will again be bringing their fascinating cars to the field. Souped-up racing technology provides a special thrill, although it hampers everyday use. So are they just "big toys for big boys"? Not everyone wants to just "play", as the Lorinser LV8, which is based on the new C-Class, proves impressively. "It corresponds 100 percent to the licensing requirements for a road car and that is precisely what makes it so fascinating", explains General Manager Marcus Lorinser, who remained tight-lipped about the HP of his latest model, although has already revealed that the car will enter the C3 class (limousines, suction cars).

Optically it is also not a racing vehicle for purists, but a real Lorinser in full "regalia" and with a complete aerodynamics package as well as attractive light-alloy wheels. They are of course not covered by slicks, but road tyres from tyre partner Continental, who will be exhibiting together with Sportservice Lorinser at the Tuner Grand Prix. All in all it is a round concept which is orientated to everyday life that will not just get the blessing of TUV, but also adoring looks on the street.

Linsenhalde 5 71364 Winnenden
Tel. / Phone: +49 (0)7195.181-4
Fax: +49 (0)7195.181-200
Website: www.lorinser.com
E-mail: info@lorinser.com
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