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Lorinser, Lorinser-Classic Center

LORINSER INAUGURES The "Lorinser Classic Center for vintage cars"

Tradition on the move

Tradition - at Autohaus Lorinser this isn't just something that is talked about, but something that is actively lived. Accordingly, this understanding does not just mean that there are a few ageing photos on the walls, but is evident in a separate showroom for historical vehicles: The Lorinser Classic Center, which is located inside the architecturally-imposing company building in Waiblingen, does not see itself as a museum. The vintage cars on show here can be purchased or rented, and thereby represent a piece of history, which "moves" in the true sense of the word. And anyone wanting to get his/her ailing classic back on the road, has also come to the right place.

Depending on the preference and purpose of use, non-fancy everyday vehicles can also be found here in addition to dream cars for weddings, birthdays, trips, historical rallies and other events. Even those who already have fulfilled the dream of owning their own classic car can find the right specialist team at Lorinser to care for, repair, restore and maintain their car. This is because regardless of whether it is a pre-war Mercedes 170, a legendary 300 SL Gullwing or 190E Evolution – almost every vehicle from the rich history of Mercedes-Benz has already been sold, cared for and maintained by Lorinser while it was still new. In addition to the brand with the star, other manufacturers also have a home and a reliable contact point in the
Classic Center.

Almost 80 years of company history speaks for itself at Lorinser and guarantee a wealth of experience with regards to its service and maintenance, which is virtually unrivalled. Here know-how and an attention to detail comprise all conceivable work, which an older vehicle may require: "Master upholsterers, paint specialists, bodywork experts and mechanics who have learnt their profession from scratch and have decades-worth of experience, apply all of their skills in order to get the vehicles shining in splendour again – without forgetting the patina", explains General Manager Manfred Lorinser, who took over the dealership in 1974 from his father and is an ardent fan of vintage cars. His son Marcus runs Sportservice Lorinser, the vehicle tuning company of the family group, which can look back on a history of more than 30 years. The first creations have thereby already become vintage cars. With the S-Class W116 450 SEL 6.9 an exceptionally beautiful tuning vehicle from the 70s can currently also be viewed in the Lorinser Classic Center.

Linsenhalde 5 71364 Winnenden
Tel. / Phone: +49 (0)7195.181-4
Fax: +49 (0)7195.181-200
Website: www.lorinser.com
E-mail: info@lorinser.com
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