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Novitec, Fiat Panda

the Novitec Panda with 1.3 JTD diesel engine reaches 61 KW / 83 PS thanks the proved "Powerrail" control unit. This version with 10KW more, 12 PS respectively, pleases the driver with distinctly better traction behaviour. The exhaust-gas ducting is optimised though the stainless steel rear silencer with an end pipe right and left, of 80 mm each and, simultaneously, the rear of the car seems more addressive.

The suspension, which is from stainlees steel and adjustable, and the Novitec wheels type N6 ( with 7x15" and 195/50R 15 tyres ) intensify the contact to the road.

The front and roof spoiler and the polished stainless steel bow for the front and side are the Novitec ingredients which give the Panda individuality.

NOVITEC Automobile GmbH
Hochstrasse 8 D-87778 Stetten Germany
Tel. / Phone: +49 / (0) 82 61 / 2
Fax: +49 / (0) 82 61 / 2
Website: www.novitec.net/com/main.html
E-mail: 11@TuLesto.com
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Novitec-Fiat Panda-novitec_panda_01_0.jpgNovitec-Fiat Panda-novitec_panda_02_0.jpgNovitec-Fiat Panda-novitec_panda_03_0.jpg
Novitec-Fiat Panda-novitec_panda_04_0.jpgNovitec-Fiat Panda-novitec_panda_05_0.jpgNovitec-Fiat Panda-novitec_panda_06_0.jpg
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