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Novitec, Fiat Punto X-one

It is based on one of the fasted cars in its class, the NOVITEC Punto HGT Compressor. With a impressive power of 150KW/204PS coming out of a 1.8 litre engine, it reach's a driving performance which normal does not need to be surpassed but more and more inquiries for a very special kind of performance makes the Novitec Technical-Crew come to the decision to start the development again. The result is something exclusive which in that form it is not able to find one time more.

With support of a NOS-system, the before already very strong NOVITEC Punto compressor, turns into a beast. A unbelievable power of 229KW/312PS accelerate the NOVITEC X-one in less than 5.4 sec from O to 100 kilometre per hour With the Novitec short-shifter gear-lever, the gears can be changed exactly and quickly. By using of the longest gear-ratio, the car is able to reach a highspeed of 275km/h More fun than that cause the propulsion power when both bottles are activated. The pushing power press the pilot into the Novitec- seats and jet him assume to be in a jet fighter during the take-off time.

To manage the plus of power, the engine has been reinforced with titanium connection rods and forged pistons. For the safety the X-one got a Novitec Brembo brake system with 280mm perforated and ventilated front discs. A roll cage protect the passengers cell.

A special for the X-one created styling kit includes a new frontbumper with flaps, side panels, a roofspoiler and a extended engine hood with additional air-intakes. The tank filler inlet is in the back of the car, the tour outlets of the Novitec exhaust system end in the X-one rearbumper. Al lot of those articles above are part of the new Novitec range called NOVITEC X-treme, which is directed to all Fiat-enthusiast who like a little bit more aggressive way of car styling.

NOVITEC Automobile GmbH
Hochstrasse 8 D-87778 Stetten Germany
Tel. / Phone: +49 / (0) 82 61 / 2
Fax: +49 / (0) 82 61 / 2
Website: www.novitec.net/com/main.html
E-mail: 11@TuLesto.com
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Novitec-Fiat Punto X-one-novitec_xone_01_0.jpgNovitec-Fiat Punto X-one-novitec_xone_02_0.jpgNovitec-Fiat Punto X-one-novitec_xone_03_0.jpg
Novitec-Fiat Punto X-one-novitec_xone_04_0.jpg
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