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Novitec, Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 compressor

Whit the Novitec 147 2.0 compressor is at first time not a exhaust-gas turbocharger heart of engine - tuning. A very quiet supercharger, a oil and a intercooler and the special for that conversion developed control-unit Novitec Tectronic are the principal components of the kit. The stainless steel exhaust system is made not only for the power, also it create that typical sound of the car. New compared to the turbo-conversion is also that the compressor-kit is even compatible with the selespeed and Q-system models.

Using the power of 153Kw / 208 HP gets a smile on the drivers face, the in height adjustable Notivec suspension and of course the Novitec-Brembo brakesystem with 322mm discs (wellknown from 993 turbo), let him feel comfortable in every situation, 225/40 R18 tyres fitted on the brand new one-part-wheels Novitec N5 hold on the contact to the road.

The exclusive Novitec aerodynamic kit including front and roofspoiler, side panels and rearskirt quides the airstream to the back, some aluminium interior parts like footboard for entrance, pedalset and handbrake-lever complete the styling of the Novitec 147 2.0 compressor.

Parts list:

Engine: Novitec supercharger-kit 153 kw (208 hp) including compressor, intercooler, oilcooler and Novitec tectronic. Displacement: 1.970 cm3, power kw/hp: 153/208 at 5.800 rpm, torque: 272NM at 5.380 rpm, highspeed: 239 Km/h

Aerodynamik: Novitec frontspoiler, side panels, rearskirt sowie, roofspoiler.

Exhaust: Novitec stainless exhaust system with two 70mm outlets.

Wheels: novitec type N5 8J x 18 inch complete with tyres Michelin 225/40 R18

Suspension: Novitec sports suspension, adjustable in height (35mm to 75mm) in front and rear

Brakes: Novitec Brembo 4 pistons brakesystem with 322mm perforated and ventilated discs.

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Novitec-Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 compressor-novitec_147_01_0.jpgNovitec-Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 compressor-novitec_147_03_0.jpgNovitec-Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 compressor-novitec_147_04_0.jpg
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