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Hamann Motorsport, New Mini

Simultanously with the sales start of the new MINI HAMANN MOTORSPORT, one of the most renowned and biggest tuners for BMW cars, expands the programme: Now HAMANN also provides exclusive accessories for the new compact car. At first the HAMANN tuning programme for the MINI contains custom-made light alloy wheels, a lowering kit and a sports rear silencer.

HAMANN developed new HAMANN HM4 light alloy wheels especially for the smallest offspring of the BMW family. The drop center wheels in current multi-piece look are driven on the MINI in 8Jx17 dimension all around. 215/45 R 17 dimension on front and rear axle was tested out to be the optimal tyre choice.
In addition the new MINI can be lowered wedge-shaped with progressively coiled HAMANN springs by 35 millimeters on the front axle and 25 millimeters rear. The suspension kit is specially set up for the standard shock absorbers. A complete HAMANN sports suspension is in the pipeline.

While the HAMANN technicians are still working on the performance kit for the 115 hp / 85 kW Cooper version there is already available the HAMANN sports rear silencer with two exhaust-tips for both engine versions. This muffler doesn't only make the sound more earthy, it also optimizes the performance of the engine.
HAMANN doesn't only offer many accessories for the cockpit of the MINI but also exclusive full leather trims in all color combinations.

Kaessbohrerstrasse 3 D-88471 Laupheim
Tel. / Phone: +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 2
Fax: +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 2
Website: www.hamann-motorsport.de
E-mail: info@hamann-motorsport.de
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Hamann Motorsport-New Mini-hamann_mini_01_0.jpgHamann Motorsport-New Mini-hamann_mini_02_0.jpgHamann Motorsport-New Mini-hamann_mini_03_0.jpg
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