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HAMANN GmbH, BMW Serie 5

HAMANN have extended their individualisation programme to the BMW 5-series (F10) with the M technik packet.

After the presentation of the first individualisation programme for the BMW 5-series (F10) by HAMANN-Motorsport in the middle of 2010, the Laupheimer have now developed exclusive parts for models with the M technik packet.

The HAMANN aerodynamic components are adapted to the original M technik front and rear valances. At the front a competition front spoiler is used, which increases the down-force. At the back an insert for the rear bumper offers space for four exhaust tail pipes. All the other enhancements already introduced in the middle of 2010, such as roof and rear spoiler, front bumper and side skirts, of course remain in the programme and are also available for the 5-series (F10) with M technik packet.

Apart from cosmetic intervention in the bodywork, HAMANN offers a “pedicure” in the form of a set of extremely light alloy wheels. The most striking optics is offered by the ANNIVERSARY EVO in 21” size. The wheel, painted in silver, is delivered as a complete wheel and tyre set, with 255/30 ZR21 tyres at the front and 295/25 ZR21 sized tyres at the back, at a price of 4,760 €.

HAMANN lowers the BMW 5er (F10) by approx. 35 mm with progressive suspension springs and thus further accentuates the overall sporty appearance.

The HAMANN rear silencer with four tail pipes was by the middle of 2010 only available for the top model 550i. Now this option is available for all engine variants of the 5-series (F10). Only the sports metal catalytic converter with special middle silencer remains reserved for the 550i.

HAMANN upgrades the interior with a 10 piece carbon interior set and a specially developed airbag sports steering wheel. The parts in visible carbon can be coloured in any preferred colour. HAMANN has placed a pedal set in the footwell that can be obtained in silver or black anodised aluminium as preferred. A high quality set of mats including the embroidered HAMANN-logo rounds off the sporty appearance.

For more information about the extensive HAMANN tuning programme, please visit the web site www.HAMANN-MOTORSPORT.com .

Kaessbohrerstrasse 3 D-88471 Laupheim
Tel. / Phone: +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 2
Fax: +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 2
Website: www.hamann-motorsport.de
E-mail: info@hamann-motorsport.de
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