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Dotz, Dotz Rapier

Dotz Rapier – sharp as a dagger

Sharp as a weapon, delicate as a blade: the Dotz Rapier is a stylish and sporty rim boasting clear structures and unique alternating polished and black spokes.

Dotz’s new ‘hand’ weapon pays tribute to the long-bladed swords of aristocracy and the rapier masters of old times, who were known as excellent martial arts teachers. Just like the rapier was the quintessential weapon hundreds of years ago, the
Dotz Rapier is today’s status symbol among rims.

With delicate details, clear structures and many fine features, the Dotz Rapier is a unique and stylish rim. The polished V spokes fixed to the outer ring of the rim give it an eye-catching look underlined by the dynamic structure of alternating black Y spokes pointing towards the rim well. The bowl-shaped center gives the Rapier a sporty touch and looks good with four and five-hole patterns.

To customize the Rapier, Dotz offers the Modular two-piece center cap consisting of two separate high-quality plastic elements. When put together, the Dotz logotype embossed on the bottom part is visible through the special geometric shape of the top part. Delivered in default yellow, it is also available in six other colors in the Dotz online shop (www.dotzmag.com/customfinish).

Available in 16“ to 18”, the Dotz Rapier is the perfect rim for small powerhouses such as the Mini, Fiat 500, Citroën DS3, Alfa Mito, Audi A1 and Polo GTi.

Website: www.dotz-wheels.co.uk
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Imagenes de la noticia / New´s Images
Dotz-Dotz Rapier-dotz-rapier-p1.jpgDotz-Dotz Rapier-dotz-rapier-p2.jpgDotz-Dotz Rapier-dotz-rapier-p3.jpg
Dotz-Dotz Rapier-dotz-rapier-p4.jpgDotz-Dotz Rapier-dotz-rapier-p5.jpgDotz-Dotz Rapier-dotz-rapier-p6.jpg
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