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Dotz, Wheels

"Tuning is a question of individuality", says brand manager Gerry Samer. A principle which may sound simple at first, but one which he wishes to use to further increase the cult status of his alloy brand Dotz: "The real pinnacle of the sector is the creation of completely unique but affordable designs which are not available on every corner." Although at first glance it may seem a bit like a paradox, under closer inspection it turns out to be a clever idea which is available at a fair price for all tuning fans. The "Dotz Custom Finish – Design Program" is an easy to use construction kit, which emerged from a joint-venture with FOLIATEC®.com, the German car foil pioneer. On the basis of the four cult wheels, Tupac, Freeride peak, Touge graphite and Mugello, customers have a total of 200 individual customised finishing options available, which result in up to 2,000 different combinations. The design options are arranged into the categories "Logo", (sticker) "Pin-striping", "Contour stickers" and "Area Stickers". A highlight of the program is provided by the "Pin striping" applied by scene star Peter Riedel's own airbrush handwork. There is also a large selection of different colours or colour tones available as well as individual combinations for each option. Depending on the alloy several tuning stages can also be ordered together.

What may seem equally attractive and complicated to customers at first glance, has been solved perfectly by Dotz and FOLIATEC®.com with a user-friendly online design studio. With its help car fans can gain a realistic view of the effects of his/her customising options straight away. The customer first selects his/her vehicle via practical pull-down menus and thereby obtains an overview of the wheels which suit his/her car as well as the available sizes. Once the customer has chosen a basic design, he/she then selects the individual customising options and the corresponding colours easily via a menu. Options which are not available or which cannot be combined with the selected alloy are not even displayed. Once the selection has been made, a realistic photographic image of the self-designed alloy appears straight away in the window. To ensure everything stays within budget, the online customer also receives an itemised quotation from the system, based on the individual items. The rest of the order process including the delivery is processed directly via FOLIATEC®.com, as the experienced company deals directly with sales. The customer does not, however, have to switch websites on his own at any point thanks to the integrated and perfectly networked software solution. Consequently Dotz and FOLIATEC®.com have once more started a trend, which should well and truly turn the tuning sector upside down in 2010. Customers who want to be fully equipped for the start of the season should order straight away, as the delivery time can take up to six weeks due to the time-consuming manual work.

Website: www.dotz-wheels.co.uk
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