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Turisport, Imola Wheels

Features new models IMOLA Wheels

Continuing its bid to design and style of your tires for the vehicles of their customers are unique, IMOLA Wheels presents its first new products for this season.

These two models, the Air IMOLA IMOLA SC-01, which are not only for its innovative design of the arms in a turbine in the first case and five doubles in the second arm but also by its matte black finish compared with the polished mate.

Made in the piece and using the X-Ray to ensure exceptional quality and durability of these two new designs are sold in 17 "and 18" at major retailers in the sector.

For more information, please TURISPORT, SA 902 332 442 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              902 332 442      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. or visit our new web www.turisport.com

Av. Sant Julia 159 - 167 Nave 2, 08400 Granollers (Barcelona) Spain
Tel. / Phone: 0034 840 54 20
Fax: 0034 840 54 21
Website: www.turisport.com
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Imagenes de la noticia / New´s Images
Turisport-Imola Wheels-turisport-imola-p1.jpgTurisport-Imola Wheels-turisport-imola-p2.jpg
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