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Turisport, Stone Wheels

Turisport presents the new line of rims of alloy. There treats itself about STONE Wheels, a brand of rims 100 % cromadas that they will start commercializing at the beginning of December.

Stone Wheels is characterized by his models in authentic chrome using X-RAY's new system in his manufacturing process.

His designs are to the purest style American DUB, style that has his originate on the coast West of The United States, and it is precisely there - where we can see these rolling monsters with dazzling designs.

The range will begin with 4 exclusive rims that will be commercialized in 16 ", 17 " and 18 " with 90 % of the applications of the market, nevertheless, in the next months new designs and measures will be coming.

Av. Sant Julia 159 - 167 Nave 2, 08400 Granollers (Barcelona) Spain
Tel. / Phone: 0034 840 54 20
Fax: 0034 840 54 21
Website: www.turisport.com
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Turisport-Stone Wheels-turisport_stone_01_0.jpgTurisport-Stone Wheels-turisport_stone_02_0.jpgTurisport-Stone Wheels-turisport_stone_03_0.jpg
Turisport-Stone Wheels-turisport_stone_04_0.jpg
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