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Fiat Bravo - Michele (( IT ))

“Abarth” bumper by Zender new design with aluminium large-meshed net with Renault Espace air scoop (door mirrors)>
Rieger slidingskirts>
“Cadamuro Design” bonnet F50 design with aluminium small-meshed net>
“Rieger” back bumper with aluminium large-meshed net>
There are not writings, no number-plate case, no adhesives, no reflectors and various logoes>
“Bmw Z3” air scoops englobed on the bodysides>
“Bmw M3” type small mirrors to two holders (gotten off)>
“Esquiss’Auto” back spoiler to the rear window for Renault Clio adapted>
Handle and luggage lock eliminated>
“Fiat Marea Hlx” anterior light with antidazzles homofocale with “Piaa” lamps Super White for antidazzles and dazzles>
Anterior mask without logos (covering with stucco the hole and painting) aluminium large-meshed net>
8 X 17 five spoke whell “Speedline” Champion in magnesium, tyres homologated 235/40-17 (even 205/45-16)>
“Osrav” dampers adjustable from the outside, 3 cm shorter with “eibach” springs – 3 cm>
“Momo” strut brace painted in the same car color >
“Supersprint” exhaust system 2x95x75 + exhaust terminal changed with 2x130x95 by Endrohre dtm style in stainless steel + handicraft central exhaust by “Bartoli” in stainless steel>
Anodized blue ergal bolts and screws in the motor chest
"Brembo" teflon tubekit in stainless steel + brake calipers silver painted with “Folia-Tec” components>
“Ctf” brake disks with oblique and radial furrows and holes with blue ergal hub>
“Mevius” brake pads>
“Vdo” additional instrumentation retrolight, white deep: oil pressure / amperometer / voltometer / clock>
“Autometer” tachometer Super Comp Silver – aluminium color, glazed aluminium backdrop with programmable shift-light, march change for dragster>
Air fuel meter set on dashbord backdrop (ex original tachometer), built in anticorodal glazed aluminium with low relief writing black painted “Vergelli Racing Service”>
“Webasto” electric sun roof Top Slider Large>
Air filter by “K&N” flat>
“Omp” aluminium pedal keyboard (rice grains type) remodeled and dimension reduced>
“Omp” aluminium platform (rice grains type) shaped and remodeled>
“Sparco” Supersport seats lined in the same skin of the original>
Floor mats modeled with “Omp” aluminium plates (rice grains type)>
Sill door obtained by “Omp” aluminium>
"Classicbord" change knob remodeled>
Case and handle in the same skin of the seats>
Aluminium change ferrule obtained by “Omp” plate (rice grains type)>
Change pole shortened and chromium-plated>
“Isotta” change case in black rubber>
“Momo” millenium steering wheel>
“Sparco” aluminium extinguisher>
Overall gear ratio 13/53 by “Bacci”, (original 16/59)and 10% longer fifth gear by “Bacci”>
Battery switching off key by “Sparco”>
Stereo system with “Becker” elements, “Rockford”, “Alpine” etc. etc.>
The car has of series (and optionals): skin interiors, abs, climate, sport pack (steering gear + direct, 205/50-15 ?!?!), northern red paint – i’d like to paint it in pastel clear turquoise or in acid orange

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