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Peugeot 206 CC - Shorty ((D))

Body Styling: All logos removeds, frontspoiler from Renault Laguna, Xenon light.

Suspension: KW-Gewindefahrwerk Variante 2, -80 mm at front and -50 mm at rear.

Wheels: CR-7 Chromed, 8,5 x 17 ET 10 with 205/40 at front and 8,5 x 17 ET 15 with 225/35 at rear.

Engine: Gutmann 150 HP engine kit, Devil XXL sport exhaust with 2 tailpipes, 160 HP at this momment.

Interior: Leader Raid steering wheel with airbag, Plasma gauges

Ice: Clarion DXZ 928 R Dolby-Digital CD-Tuner.
speakers MB Quart RSC 216, Infinity Reference Series Ref 452 Koax, Subwoofer PSW 308, 126 db. Power amplifers: 2 x PHILIPS Mos Fet de 2 x 75 Watt RMS 1 x Velocity " Burning Desire " 1 x 800 Watt RMS

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Tuning-Peugeot 206 CC-shorty206_01.jpgTuning-Peugeot 206 CC-shorty206_02.jpgTuning-Peugeot 206 CC-shorty206_03.jpg
Tuning-Peugeot 206 CC-shorty206_04.jpg
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