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Fiat Bravo 1.6 16v - Luis ((E))

Body Stiling: Abarth front bumper with Carzone spoiler, Front lights from Fiat Marea, F50 style air intake on the bonnet, Carcept side skirts, Carcept rear spoiler, Abarth roof spoiler. Rear ligh masks by ASD. Chromed M3 mirrors.

Wheels: 16" from Fiat Coupe with Pirelli 205/50/16 tyres.

Engine: Remus exhaust. Green air filter.

Interior: Momo carbon gear shift. Sparco pedals. Girandi alu floor mats. 6 Neons black light, 2 flash.

Ice: Radiocasette Sony XR-M500R + charger 10 CD, Rear speakers: Sony XS-V1730 220w, Front speakers Sony XS-V6930 180w, Lateral speakers Sony de 100w, Power amplifer Sony XR-500R de 400W.

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