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Blogtruck.es : Hoy nos desviamos del tema / Blogtruck.es : Today is an out of to ( TuningWorld )

Blogtruck.es: Today is an out of topic.

But it is for a good reason.
Occasionally there turn out to be initiatory that deserve to be supported in the possible thing.
This one, from our point of view, is one of them.
Blogtruck.es is a blog where a truck-driver(Martha) leads his writing.

Martha drives and writes, though not simultaneously is clear, thanks to it to obtained a site to be done on web and the respect of the truckers to be gained, and it is not easy. But his generosity and his desire of solving doubts and altruistic service, have done of this blog a reference.

A mixture of practical Information and anecdotes of Marta and all his followers, who are those who encourage this initiative. Without them, Blogtruck.es would not have raison d'être. Martha the only thing that it does is to put the means in order that the people of the truck express and generate opinion. It is what is Blogtruck.es.

Blogtruckalso is in Facebook and Twitter.. If at the end of the day, she posts in his blog, almost every mille it with his followers in Facebook and Twitter.

Martha neither is alone, nor is afraid to the long and kilometrics days, because it is accompanied of his followers and for it she feels accompanied. Accompanied of a community that as her, feels identified with his profession and worries for the safety and the future.

Blogtruck.es is born November 4, 2010, the blog of Marta, a camionera fascinated with his work. Conscious of the loneliness that sometimes exists in the profession, Martha decides to create Blogtruck as platform of meeting between the Spanish-speaking truckers.

Blogtruck has an own profile in Twitter. and a fanpage in Facebook.

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