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Acura NSX / Acura NSX ( Rick Design )

Dream. Passion. Determination.
Three simple but meaningful words that describe the comitment of Éric Labbé to the automotive tuning scene over the last decade. He started from scratch in 1999 with nothing but love for fast and beautiful cars. Without academic formation, a proper shop and employees, he started to design and produce body kits for himself, over nights, just for the kick of it. However, people around him quickly recognized his incredible talent and encouraged him to take it a step further. Éric then decided to quit his day job as a construction worker to put all of his efforts and money to start his own tuning shop. This risky move eventually paid of as more and more clients asked him to work on their cars.
Éric ensured the quality of his projects by making no compromises. He forged himself a solid reputation because of that and gradually start to got attention from different medias, appearing in numbers of magazines and TV shows.
Today, Éric is one of the most high-profile tuner in Canada. Through hard work and creativity, he proved to be quite versatile, having produce artworks out of cars like the Ferrari F355, the Audi A4, the Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG, the Nissan Skyline GT-R 32 and probably his most famous project to date, the Acura NSX. The capability to successfully work on different types of cars is a talent rare among tuners but Rick Design Automotive can do it all, from Italian supercar to American-muscle icon.

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Imagenes del reportaje / Report Images
 Acura NSX-NSX Burn-out 1.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Burn-out 2.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Burn-out 3.jpg
 Acura NSX-NSX Burn-out 4.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Desert 1.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Desert 2.jpg
 Acura NSX-NSX Desert 3.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Desert 4.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Desert 5.jpg
 Acura NSX-NSX Desert 5.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Desert 6.jpg Acura NSX-NSX Desert 6.jpg
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