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Visita Rapida a Porsche / Fast Visit to Porsche ( TuningWorld Press )

Non schedulled visit to Porsche, sometimes happends, you have more time than expected when you visit a city (Stuttgart) and a rent-car under your hands... We have some spare hours before to take the plain and... we go!. Really intresting visit, it is not necessary to be a Porsche Fan to enjoy the visit, just to like the cars. To arrive to the Porsche is very easy... get the GPS and introduce...lets to think... aha !!, Porsche street (in german of course) Porsche strasse. The first look is really nice, all parking place FULL of Porsches, Carrera, Boxter, Cayman and Cayenne parked in the street, just looking your heart is up. This with this color, the other with special wheel. Look, this Cayenne with special kit in Carbon and Sport set-up, many combinations and colors right there.

The entry of the museum is the same that Porsche fabric, no spectacular. After to visit the parking and to see a "street just with their name" it was a low level detail, but just in few months will be inaugurated the new Porsche Museum in this current 2009.

Inside the museum you get all kind of cars "from yesterday to today", also a LOT of Porsch Merchandasing, when we say A LOT is really A LOT of gadgets with Porsche design, books, sunglasses, etc….

At the end, we've visited the Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart. The main Porsche Deale. Incredible, stonized about the facilities. All kind of Porsche you can inmagine and to see in your country you will find here. All colors, models, options, set-up, etc.. All, you can see in this dealer, you can buy a car with particular set-up, no problem, you will see here, forget the catalog... If one day you can buy a Porsche, no doubt, visit this dealer and you will see all that is impossible to see in your country.

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Imagenes del reportaje / Report Images
 Fast Visit to Porsche-boxter.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-boxter01.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-carreracabriolet.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-carreracabriolet01.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-carreracabriolet02.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-cayennes.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-cayennes01.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-cayennes02.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-cayennes03.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-cayennes04.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-cayennes05.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-gt3.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-porschemerchandising5.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-porschemerchandising6.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-porschestreet.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-porschestreet1.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheVistopordentro.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheVistopordentro1.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheVistopordentro2.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheVistopordentro3.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheZentrumStuttgartPorsche.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheZentrumStuttgartPorsche0.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheZentrumStuttgartPorsche1.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheZentrumStuttgartPorsche2.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheZentrumStuttgartPorsche3.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheZentrumStuttgartPorsche4.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-PorscheZentrumStuttgartPorsche5.JPG
 Fast Visit to Porsche-targa4.JPG Fast Visit to Porsche-targa401.JPG
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