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Car Line, Volkswagen Golf V

The Golf V styled by Car Line

Whenever the company Car Line Tuning GmbH from Sinsheim/Germany gets its hands on a vehicle, it is safe to assume that the result will be truly exceptional. The latest project from Car Line is the Golf V 2.0l TDI with 140 bhp, which, besides receiving an extensive tuning package, was also prescribed a spectacular airbrush paint finish.

Car Line has furnished the fifth generation Golf with a sporty aerodynamic package that satisfies every need. The front end has been adorned with a new bumper, plus a radiator grille without an emblem, whilst the sides have been kitted out with new door sills that make the car look lower, and the rear has also been fitted with a new bumper.

A visual and acoustic delight is the FunTech stainless steel exhaust system with two oval 120 x 70 mm tailpipes. A Variant 2 KW coilover suspension brings the Golf V approx. 65 mm closer to the road, whilst also lowering the centre of gravity and, in doing so, ensuring better handling.

Safe road holding is ensured by the Car Line New Wheel Rims of type NW 2 in the size 8.5 x 19 on the front axle and size 9.5 x 19 on the rear axle in conjunction with Dunlop size 235/35/19 tyres.

Last but not least, the interior has been equipped with a raid airbag steering wheel in a black/silver finish, plus Recaro leather sports seats.

CarLine Tuning GmbH
Neulandstrasse 19, D-74889 Sinsheim
Tel. / Phone: +49 (0) 7261/979797
Fax: +49 (0) 7261/979799
Website: www.carlinetuning.com
E-mail: info@carlinetuning.com
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