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Carcept, Peugeot 306

Because of the big success of the Carcept®-bodykit for the Peugeot 206, International Standards Trading took notice of the great demand of a lot of owners of a Peugeot 306 II to develop a bodykit for this car.
The bodykit is composed of a frontspoiler, rearspoiler, side-skirts, roofspoiler, headlightmasks and a dtm-spoiler and the entire bodykit gives the car an agressive and a refined Carcept®-look.
The original front, rearbumper and side-skirts are replaced by the Carcept-spoilers / side-skirts and are placed in the original attachmentpoints.

Website: www.carcept.com
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Imagenes de la noticia / New´s Images
Carcept-Peugeot 306-carcept_306_01_0.jpgCarcept-Peugeot 306-carcept_306_02_0.jpg
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