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Dezent-Wheels, Dezent-Wheels-RE

A wheel for (almost) all situations
DEZENT RE classic, uncomplicated and stylish
RE, two letters which can only mean one thing – namely "Really Expressive". That is exactly what this new wheel from DEZENT is, which carries this abbreviation: Five
powerful, dynamic spokes which widen further towards the edge. They are
additionally provided in the middle area which is how the designers of DEZENT
create the effect of stability and supremacy which characterises the wheel, even in
everyday use.
The classically-powerful silver appearance of the DEZENT RE also makes sure that
the wheel has many diverse uses: it works on city run-abouts like the Toyota Aygo or
Smart, as well as larger vehicles and underlines the character of Limousines,
Cabrios as well as compact SUVs. From the Smart and the Toyota Aygo to the
VW Passat or the BMW 3-series Cabrio. As a result the RE is both available for
vehicles with 4 and 5 hole connections and in diverse sizes. Especially for the
perfect-fitting on BMW models, such as the 5-series, DEZENT has also developed
the RE with deeper cupping. The upper-middle class vehicle from Bavaria looks
particularly good in the new 8x17 inch DEZENT wheel.
The fact that the new alloys from DEZENT are as robust as they look is clear from
their use in winter. Snow, mud and grit make no different to it. It's virtually
impossible to drive better in the cold weather. Almost every car can be "perfectly
fitted" with the RE and thereby looks really good in front of the ski hotel, the festival
hall or the shops. The vehicle does, of course, look even more impressive with the
wheel on the promenade or in front of the beer garden. The new alloys from
DEZENT are the right accompaniment everyday of the year.
The RE model, which like all DEZENT wheels has been tested and certified by the
German testing institute TUV, is timelessly beautiful. It is therefore still up-to-date
tomorrow and its design is definitely "fashion stable" – simply "really impressive".
DEZENT RE– Facts & figures
Dimensions: 5.5x14, 6x15, 6.5x15, 6.5x16, 7x16, 7.5x17, 8x17 inch
Coating: polished silver
Construction: moulded, one-piece

Leobersdorfer Str. 24; A-2552 Hirtenberg;
Tel. / Phone: +43/2256/801 500
Fax: +43/2256/801 525
Website: www.dezent-wheels.com
E-mail: n.frohner@aez-wheels.com
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