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bb-automobiltechnik, Volkswagen Eos Sport

B&B VW Eos Sport- Cabrio up to 500 hp / 650 Nm

The VW / Audi specialist B&B from Siegen Germany (Phone: +49-271 30323-0 – http://www-bb-automobiltechnik.de) integrated the VW Eos in their established turbo program.

The result is a breathtaking sports cabriolet which reaches in four different power levels (360, 400, 450 and 500 hp) performance values which are normally reserved for top-class sport cars. The highest increment is achieved by the installation of a new developed intercooled turbocharger, a changed cylinder head with a trimmed compression, special suction and airflow pipes, high powered injection elements and a more precise fuel pump. In order to take the engine stable and suitable for daily use, the ledges, gaskets and several expendable parts are transposed by enhanced parts. By using a special slim line oil cooler the oil temperature will be set on a more stable level. To drain off emissions faster and dull sounding a racing exhaust system will be mounted when finally the optimized engine electronics take place to the tuned parts.

The performance values of the 500 hp / 650 Nm version: 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h in 13.5 seconds, Vmax 308 km/h (depending on translation)

To fulfil the risen requirements a special six or eight bulb high end braking system as well as a threaded chassis, adjustable in height and traction, has to be mounted. This conveys a comfort feeling of security and a confident driving behaviour to the VW Eos driver in every time.
Exclusive tires in 18" and 19" as well as a Eos exclusive aerodynamic program in original manufacturer quality finishes the appearance of the unique sport cabriolet.

birlembacher strasse 126 (D-57078) Siegen-Birlembach - Germany
Tel. / Phone: +(49) 0 271 30 32 30
Fax: + (49) 0 2713032399
Website: www.bb-automobiltechnik.de
E-mail: info@bb-automobiltechnik.de
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